Like an actor watching the movie he’s starring in, you’ve got a free-of-charge front seat to your life. So.

Don’t forget that kissing is a lot like smoking a cigarette so you’d better close your eyes and take your time.

Before you remember that love is made of lies or forget about how many times you’ve already tried.

Before you remember that you’re an addict. Before you forget; your end will be tragic.

Don’t forget that singing is a lot like screaming so you’d better shut your mouth.

Before you can remember you’re not dreaming. Before you forget that you can’t sing.

Before you can remember that there’s no one around. Before you forget that you’re still holding your breath.

Don’t forget that missing someone is a lot like wanting ice cream.

Sometimes you’ll get what you want and other times you won’t.

Or that writing is a lot like scribbling, so stop wasting pen and paper on your hopeless chatter.

So hold on tightly to the ground because this life is more than you can understand and living now is unlike anything you’ve already lived.

Because it might be true that you can’t hear a tree falling in the forest, but you can always feel the earth shaking directly beneath you.

It might be true that I won’t hear the sound, but, who are you to tell me that I won’t listen?

We know that there are planets around, but, do we ever hear them skipping?

So. Forget that you’re wasting paper and scribble down everything you see every time you look up and/or down. It doesn’t matter that there’s no one else around; because you are the prime proponent of your person; your individuality is counting on you being an individual.

They say that imagination only runs as far as you let it, yet they are the ones that have locked it in a stable in hopes that that will make you stable. “Honey, of course you’re able, it’s just that life is not something to gamble with.” Yeah, okay.

You mean life isn’t made for living?

I guess schools aren’t made for the purpose of learning

and kitchens aren’t made for the purpose of cooking

And so they go on, preaching about what living ought to be like:

Structure, structure, structure

Be functional, be functional, be functional.

Just like you’ve heard, “sit only in your assigned seat,”

They’ll tell you again, “challenge only the things you can defeat,”


“Don’t ever learn to think on your feet!”

Like a cat stuck in its own ball of strings,

They’ve created this entire mess with their own things.

Fuck it if I’m wasting paper;

Didn’t you hear?

The world is my oyster.

Too bad I’m allergic to shellfish.